Thunderspire Labyrinth

We’re playing through H2 in the series now and the game has taken a slightly new direction. H1 was a nod to the classic Keep on the Borderlands module for old school D&D but this one is much more open ended in the vein of the old D or G series. It means I’ve got NPCs to run that will stick around for more than one encounter, but equally it means the party have to look at their skills just as much as their powers. So far we’ve played a series of combats (which have been great fun) but there’s been a danger that the game will become 1 dimensional and no more than a boardgame. On the downside, it can be a little frustrating for the players when all of a sudden there’s loads of options and noone wants to make the ‘wrong’ decision. My players are all lovely people, which means they’re all very polite and noone wants to tread on anyones toes. Trouble is, without some leadership the game can stall. I need to look out for that and keep bringing in new quest options.
For instance, last night I served up the following quests: the horned hold, teernan darkseeker, the duergar trading house, find the boar. The party balked at all of them apart from tag the pig, which was just a bit of flavour that I was foreshadowing for later session! Just goes to show how hard it is for everyone to get on the same page.

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