My Big Fat Techy Week

I’ve just had a week of interesting tech stuff. I’ve bought a netbook, a term I didnt even know existed last week. It’s an Asus eee 901 in white (, and I absolutely love it. Its small enough to put in my man bag and take to work. Potentially I could use this at the gaming table too. The main use however is for browsing while watching tv. Its just not sociable to sit at the desktop while the rest of the family is in another room. My super sexy O2 broadband means I’ve got decent wi-fi speed all round the house so its a winner.

Then, just to show off at work I set up a social network using ning. Big brownie points for me, as they now think I’m some kind of IT savant.

In other news I was introduced to operamini as a web browser on my BlackBerry. Despite a couple of teething issues, its turned out to be really very good. Its clear enough to be able to handle online banking etc, so between that and my netbook I’m pretty well connected.


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