Keep on the Shadowfell 8?

We continue…

No rest for the wicked as the cube encounter continues, without the cube naturally, and Flynn does his thing scouting ahead. the chamber beyond has the sarcophagi which elicits raised eyebrows from the players, and rightly so as it turns out. Rhogar is shamed as he is too weak to pull open the lid, so Sebastian shows him how it should be done, and the corruption corpses spill out in a wave of guts and bile!

The party unleashes everything they’ve got at the poor unfortunate undead. Sebastian goes for a charge but his platemail slows him up and he ffalls just short. Lucky for him as kallista’s magic missile drops the corpse who explodes in a shower of vomit and blood! I really like these monster abilities that key off of bloodied or down or whatever. They’re abilities the pcs don’t have but that just means they can’t second guess things, keeps it interesting. Traditionally this group never struggles with undead, and so it goes again. About 4 rounds and it’s all over and it’s on to the treasure chamber. I decided to put some extra loot in the chest as the scenario has been a bit stingy so far. Marky had been good enough to write up a ‘most wanted’ list and I was happy to add in a couple of snacky little items for the party.

Next up, the chamber of statues. It didn’t take a perception check to know that something was up and sure enough they were ready and waiting for the statues to animate. Kallista pulled off a nice diversion with Prestidigitation, allowing Flynn to make a run for it to the east of the chamber. He was out of reach of the titan, but the dragon statues with their force breath had their stony gazes on him. Julio pulled off a great move combo with a run, a tumble and an action point for an extra shift, which had him just out running the titans sword slashes. The look on his face when the force walls went up around him and the cherubs started pouring in the water! The rest of the party surges forward to assist, ‘Lock and Wizard dropping the fire as Sebastian engages with his maul. The titan isn’t quite as tough as he looks but keeps the attention away from Flynn as his head goes underwater. Clara and Moon’ start to unravel the cherubs magics while the defenders hack away. Flynn is doing everything he can, but the water flings him every which way. Eventually it’s Sebastian who smashed the second stautue and the force walls drop leaving an embarrassed wet rogue lying on the ground.

The party moves on to the next chamber looking for loot and finding only zombies! Kallista makes short work of them with a great combo of scorching hands, action points and shock sphere. I’m gonna have to beef up the undead threats!

Down the stairs they can hear the chanting of the Orcus faithful. Is the end in sight?


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