Keep on the Shadowfell 7

We continue…

Hobgoblins everywhere! The party surge on into the lower level of the keep and run slap bang into the middle of a Hob’ garrison. The layout of the chambers meant there was a potentially nasty bottleneck to negotiate and the Hob’s had the home advantage as I sent a squad of minions around to flank them. The party held their ground, Rhogar and Sebastian holding the northern door while Kallista and Moon’ hurled arcane bolts down the corridor at the shaman and his soldiers. Said shaman pulled off a nice move with his force staff, putting the party on it’s ass while using the doorway to keep things interesting. Still, this was a simple enough encounter, and before too long the party had cleared the area and laid up for a few hours to recover.

Shamefully, I let them get away with an extended rest even though the Hob’ warchief was just across the way. Some of this is me not prepping enough and some of it is the layout of the encounters. I didn’t realise how close these areas were. If I had, they would have had a slighty harder time of it.

Anyway, the team heads to the south towards the corridors of the cube. Despite (or because of) a nailed up door with ‘closed’ painted on it, the party shove Flynn forward to do his scouting stuff. He tentatively pokes hs head round some suspiciously clean corners until I sieze the chance to bring out the gelatinous cube! In hindsight I should have waited just a little bit and come up behind the whole party and trapped them between monsters. It was still a very cool encounter though. Cool imagery included Flynn’s sling stones penetrating the cube like bullets hitting water, sending out slow concentric ripples. The shot hanging in the centre of the jelly, quietly dissolving. Kallista scorching it’s surface time and again, making it all sooty so the defenders could see their target. Trouble is they were next in line for the inexorable motion of the cube, and were engulfed in acid, eeeeeww! Combat description was a bit tricky at times as I said attacks ‘missed’ when I should have said ‘ineffectual’, I mean, it’s hard to miss a cube that fills the corridor.

Again, this encounter was dealt with and we stopped for the night. Things are still going a little slow for me as we are only getting through a couple of encounters a night. Not sure how to get things moving?

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