Keep on the Shadowfell V

We continue…

The party are confronted with a chamber full of walking corpses, a reminder of Alarics recent demise. There’s wet, fresh zombies and then there’s the ones that are all dessicated with bits hanging off them. They all have glowing red eyes though and never a good sign. Kallista lays down the Scorching Bursts like something out of Apocalypse Now. Flynn fizzes slingshots into the undead scrum and Julios face lights up when I tell him he can use Sneak Attack on undead. That’s new to 4e and an example of how the game wants everyone to stay involved all the time. Its an approach I like. There was a time where an undead or construct based adventure was almost impossible with certain characters. Not now.

The zombies were despatched pretty easily really. Shame I never got a chance to use the grab power, but the party used sound tactics and deserved their win.

They press on to the Crypt of Infinite Death. Things get a bit more cagey here as skellies start leaping out of sarcophagi willy nilly. Decrepit Skeletons are only minions but when they just. Keep. Coming. Then they become a nasty threat. Marky was back this week and his Dragonborn Paladin, Rhogar, was right in the thick of it. Eventually he could stand no more and was felled as 6 bony assailants dragged him down. Now the party are fighting in a dungeon proper space is at a premium. Kallistas area spells wreak havoc, but the rest of the party often have to cross their fingers. Rhogar got lucky as Kallista nuked the Skels and he could crawl away from the melee. Even Moonchild, Dans Tiefling Warlock was getting tied down by the relentless waves of undead. He’s never been in the frontline and I wondered how he would fare. So he teleported out! Brilliant move at just the right time. His eldritch blasts made short work of the bad guys and the curses kept racking up bonuses for his Star Pact power.

Meanwhile Julio is clambering up a stone coffin so he can keep the skels at arms length. He rains death from above with impunity. Until that is, a skeleton appears within the very coffin he is standing on. Cue a scene straight out of The Mummy as Flynn leaps from coffin to coffin as rusted swords punch through, hitting the space Flynn just evacuated!

The partys plan was to drop the two big skels and wait for the minions to fall apart. When that didn’t happen they needed a new plan. Flynn was mobile enough to get to the temple area to the west where he spotted the altars to Bahamut. Shame he couldn’t read Draconic.

Kallista can though, but she had troubles of her own with another damp squib of an Acid Arrow. Thankfully Rhogar had recovered his wits enough to fumble his way to the temple and offer his prayers. Just in time too as a wave of skeletons were advancing on Kallista and Clara. The skels crumbled to dust and the party were safe. For now.

Pressing on and the party come face to skull with the revenant of Sir Keegan. Even I can’t pretend it isn’t a dumb name by now. Not easy to be all imposing and sinister when your opponents are having fits of giggles.
The skill challenge is dealt with promptly and the party set off back into the passageways. Now armed with Aeric the longsword, Rhogar lead the mission now, to seal the rift to the Shadowfell forever!


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