Keep on the Shadowfell 2.1

Quinn’s body is carried back to Winterhaven where he is left in the care of the temple.

In real life, Marky Boy arrives! From nowhere! I’d almost given up on seeing or hearing from him, but better late than never.

Luckily I had two pregens in my files. Tiefling Warlord, nabbed by Julio, and a Dragonborn Paladin for Mark. New stuff for D&D, all new to Mark. He and Julio got busy figuring stuff out while I made tea, set up the next encounter etc.

On to the dragons burial mound excavation. A Gnome skulk called Agrid has followed Moon’ and Quinn’s old mentor and tied him up so she can grab the ancient treasure. The adventure provides a really nice map of the area with lots of cool terrain. There’s the dig pit in the centre which mainly served as something for the Warlord to throw thugs into.
The party were much more organised this time out. The Warlord and Paladin held the front line of Guard Drakes off while the ‘Lock and the Wizard sniped from range. The monsters in 4e have totally different rules to the PCs and it works well. Easy enough for me to run the combat, different enough to keep the players guessing. When the Gnome blinked out, there was an audible ‘oooh’ round the table. The fight went the parties way, even though Julio went down again! Lots of to and fro, with plenty of little cool scenes like the Halfling Slinger taking an acid arrow in the face from 100′.

Summary: it looks like it takes about 3 encounters for players to get to grips with their powers. Things get a bit more fluid at that point. Trouble is, tactics come in at that point and the action can tend to slow.
Character is just starting to develop now, and that’s good to see. These things happen naturally and need time.
Second session, everyones having a good time.
Mrs King says: “I just wish it was always my go”. Nuff said.

Game on!

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