Keep on the Shadowfell 2

Two of my players couldn’t make it this week so I had a decision to make. Cancel? or, see how easy it is to adjust the encounters and get some game on anyway. No contest.

The difference this time out was that the party would be only three strong: Moonchild the Tiefling Warlock, Kallista the Human Wizard, and Quinn the Human Rogue. That’s two strikers and a controller. This should be interesting…

So the Kobolds spring their ambush (side note: the DC to spot the ambush is 25, not one of the pregens can actually achieve that) and everyone gets back into flexing their powers and roles. Now, I must have lulled them into a false sense of security by rolling a bunch of 1s last time out. Julio, playing Quinn, charges into the fray, alone, and three rounds later is flanked by a pair of Dragonshields. Flanked again. They strike with their shortswords, and one comes up a crit! Quinn hits the deck and Julio starts looking up the death rules muttering under his breath. 

Things don’t look good. Thankfully, and I’m not sure if he realises what a big deal this was, Dan pulls off a crit with his warlocks daily and drops the Kobold Wyrmpriest in one shot! In hindsight, I can see how vital this roll was to the outcome of the encounter.

On come the Kobolds and Kallista and Moonchild literally have their backs against the wall, shifting like crazy to try to keep away from the Skirmishers spear. They are back to back, cursing, Eldritch Blasting and Magic Missiling for all they are worth and the Dragonshields just. Will. Not. Die. I’m looking down the barrel of a TPK here so silently make the decision to have the Kobolds bug out at bloodied.
It literally happens at the last possible minute. One shield comes to Bloodied exactly and breaks away. It allows the party to focus on the others and little by litttle they turn back the tide.

By now Quinn has been bleeding out for some time. The others see off the Kobolds and rush to his side.  Quinn’s one missed save away from death. The Warlock and the Wizard compare notes on healing ability. Moonchild tries to aid another, but rolls a 1! so much for getting the hot water, he brings back some poisonous mushrooms. Kallista needs to roll 14+. The d20 hits the table, rolls, spins, 13. Julio is now at save or die. 10+ to live. Rolls… 9. He dies in the arms of his team mates. His last words, through cracked and bleeding lips, “flanked by sodding Kobolds…”

To be continued…


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