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Got another session of Masks under our belts.
Still heavy on the clue gathering and light on focus. I chose Cthulhu for lots of newbie friendly reasons, but I’m not certain I was right. My players look like they want direction. And consequences. CoC doesn’t do that in the early stages of its campaigns. I hadn’t realised how important experienced gamers could be in such a rules light setting. Julio is the only one who would know how important it is to scribble notes down with loads of funny arrows and dotted lines connecting everything. The time between the sessions is too long to hold the clues in your head too. There’s some top quality handouts, but my guys need a bunch of time to recap every time. Investigations are incredibly difficult to roleplay in. Hard to stay in character, hard to GM people who do.
The rules themselves are almost non-existant, we are pretty much playing diceless. Its a little odd because I can’t lean on the rules to provide drama or even to get some breathing space. Neither can the players. Even in conflicts its a couple of rolls max. This is all fine except my newbies have nothing to frame their actions on.

Have I made a poor choice?


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  1. That was a rhetorical question wasn’t it?

    Well anyway…

    Investigations are hard and unless something breaks them up, even experienced roleplayers get fidgety. You need more action, and things the characters can do in the immediate sense.

    The “other half” of the Trail rules (if its anything like Esoterrorists) is a bolt on piece of tosh I believe I’ve said previously. Its essentially flip a coin and see if you win, which isn’t good enough for our gamist sensibilities, and your lot are bright enough to handle more if you give it to them.

    Where you go now? Personally I’d forget the campaign as written and engineer it so there’s more for people to do.

    T’other thing is you can always get to a stopping point and say to people that “it was an introductory adventure, what do you think, could you handle something a bit more involved with more action, what sort of game do you think you might like, what do you want to see more of” etc. and start a new campaign with a more robust system and more action.

    You know Savage is healthy and its PG-13 settings might go down well. Pirates? Jules would be on board and probably turn up in costume. Steps loves it. Get people swinging on chandeliers, wenching and duelling. They’d love it.

    Remember the golden rule – if its not fun, don’t do it.

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