Night’s Dawn

My Night’s Dawn project continues, slowly. The release of Mongoose Traveller has given it a shot in the arm. I’m not short of Traveller systems but this one seems to click well. As I read it I can see how straightforward (mostly) it’s going to be to incorporate the Confederation as a setting. The light speed thing won’t get in the way, the tech level isn’t nearly the issue I thought it was going to be. Even affinity and neural nanonics look to be pretty simple.
I think it’s because there’s really not that much to the system, roll 2d6, target number 8, the rest is detail. Even a +1 is a fairly decent bonus, and a +2 can represent a serious professional.
Looking forward to the Traveller SRD, because from there I can edit the system text directly, and hey presto, I’ve got my own game engine. Tada!

But the setting…

I’ve been trawling the web and cut/pasting various wiki entries and publisher blogs about the setting and it’s a little overwhelming. Unsurprisingly. I wish you could buy a novel as a Word Doc, hopefully someone will put me right on that. I’m trying to keep my setting info gamey, and by that I mean, useful in a game context. So I’m not worrying at all about characters from the books because they are not in the game except as background figures. That alone cuts down the work load enormously. What I’m left with is more of a glossary really. So far I’ve got loads of entries in no particular order and I’ve yet to cull this site for even more:

Should I just add to that Wiki? or start my own? or carry on with my copy of Second chance at Eden and a notebook?



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3 responses to “Night’s Dawn

    • Checked it out. S’ok. Nothing much in the way of opinions though? Which is the way of too many reviews I think. They tend to be a precis rather than a critique.

      Liking the Tavern though. So that’s where you’ve all been hiding! Even Julios got a post count in the hundreds!

      There’s not much UK love on rpgnet due to the time difference and the traffic on Mikes social site is a bit low. As is ukroleplayers. Is the Tavern worth joining?

      • The Tavern is generally a nice friendly place although there are a couple of r’tards who joined recently. Well, one. You’ll work him out.

        There’s lots of love for Heroquest and Doctor Who, but you can ignore those threads.

        Traffic isn’t massive, but if you start stirring the hornets nest, you should get some replies. Give it a go and see what you think.

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