Technology is crap. Its supposed to be a labour saving, connected, simple world. Yet things break or go on a go slow and because they are so ‘sophisticated’ I have no real chance of fixing them. Our home pc keeps struggling to connect to the net. I half know why but I can’t make it work. Result: twisted, knotty stomach. I just want to throw the whole thing through the window and go and buy a new one. We pay (through the nose) for Broadband at the mighty speed of 2.2mbps and I can’t make the damn. Thing. Work. Now.
Same with the poxy car. Why can’t things just do what they are supposed to? Just for a while? My fridge does. My microwave does. Even my sodding BlackBerry does!


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  1. Don’t get me started.

    Everything I buy fails to work correctly, if at all.


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