Nyarlathotep is dead, long live Nyarlathotep!

The online Masks game is now officially dead. Boo. Oh come on, it took a month to see the characters done! Cheers to those who had a go though.

The tabletop Masks game is now officially live! Hurrah!

Two points of interest: the player pool is Julio, Stivi, Marky Boy, Steps, Dan, Ali and Tracey. That’s right: girls. All are welcome and I can’t wait to see what the fresh perspectives will bring.

Second: we are using Trail of Cthulhu as a rules set. Loads of good theory as to why it should work, we’ll see how it goes. Chargen has already thrown up some interesting stories. So far, so good.

Players reactions so far have been very positive. Dan has got the gaming horn, Stepsy said I was “masterful” (love ya honey). Ali wanted to know what happens next, and that’s a good sign!



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3 responses to “Nyarlathotep is dead, long live Nyarlathotep!

  1. Play By Forum Games Are For R-Tards

    Good to hear you’ve got some gamage sorted out.

    You’ll have to let me know how the Trails system goes. Is it worth getting the book just for the fluff? How much is taken up by rules I won’t use?

    Who’s Ali? Tracey is Mrs Stivi right? Did the girls pipe up more than the boys?

    • Re: Play By Forum Games Are For R-Tards

      Chargen went really well. We’ll see how it shakes out in actual play.

      The book is lovely mate. It’s a good read, and surprisingly you get through loads in each sitting. The art is something I reckon you’d like. It’s all by the same feller, so if you like the cover, you’ll like the rest. Kenneth Hite writes well, little touches of gamer speak and humour where appropriate. Really interesting set of different takes on the Mythos. 3 campaign settings and a full adventure as well as chapters on sample cults and the Mythos ’30s. Almost as good a read as Delta Green, but shorter. It’s not often I read a book cover to cover but I did with this one.
      The rules are seperated out and cover, what, the first quarter? But even there, it’s shot through with fluff.
      Worth a punt.

      Ali is Mrs Julio, Tracey is Mrs Stivi as you say.

      The girls were ace. I underestimated them. Seems they wanted to shoot lasers out of their eyes and be able to fly. Heh. We did an in character Q&A to loosen up, Steps is playing a jewel thief type and Tracey, who is nervous as a mouse, gets her turn to ask a question. She says “have you ever stolen anything from one of us that we don’t know about?” Ooooh!Impressive.

      • Re: Play By Forum Games Are For R-Tards

        Book might be a buy.

        Gotcha – I’ve only had her Sunday name of Alison before.

        “have you ever stolen anything from one of us that we don’t know about?” – ace. You’ll be able to shift the dead weight fellas and keep the girls before long. I can’t wait for Ali to karatasize Julio’s character! 😀

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