I love Saturdays. I still get the same rush from going to a game/comic shop as I did as a giddy spotty teenager.

Leisure Games have handed over Cthulhutech for coins.

I’m very unsure of my ground with Anime but if I’m going to have a Mecha game it might as well include tentacular action. Review to follow. Maybe.



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4 responses to “Cthulhutech

  1. me me me.. how many coins? I want it, it makes no sense but I want it, tell me all, is it lovely, is the book warped, is it beautiful, how does it play, does it leap out and say “yes”

    • Nope, it’s not physically warped. Was there some kind of issue with this?

      Cost me £30. Ouch, but that’s how much I expect to pay for full colour hardbacks these days.

      Yes, it’s very beautiful. The art stays ‘serious’ which is the correct tone to strike for a horror game, even if it’s got giant robots in it! the layout is lovely, as good as I’ve seen.

      As for how it plays, it looks very, very trad. And I don’t see that as a bad thing. i’m getting inspired reading through it, so I’m hopeful it won’t just be another ‘read the intro, look at the character sheet, put on shelf’!

  2. System of a Down

    How’s the system?

    It looks nice, so its one of those things I might get to put on my shelf, but all the copies I’ve seen so far have been wonky donkey.

    • Re: System of a Down

      Early days yet but here’s the dice mechanic:

      You keep your stat as a base number and your skill level tells you how many dice to roll. Target numbers are what you’d expect.

      This I like.

      Pools of D10. Rolling high is best. You read the dice in the best of three ways. Highest single result. Highest sum of matches. Highest sum of a straight if 3 dice or more. A bit like poker.

      This I also like.

      Drama Dice give you extra, well, dice. You can have these before AND after the roll, which is cute.

      It’s pretty clean so far. A country mile better than BRP.

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