Deej’s character

Henry “Hank The Tank” Dawson could have been a contender. In fact he was in 1921 during the inaugral year of the new WBA. He lost out to Georges Carpentier (who went on to lose to Jack Dempsey to be the first World Heavyweight Champion). Much later claims were made from both camps that Carpentier had had his bandages dipped in plaster of paris for Hanks’ fight.

Hank dropped out of sight and spent the next couple of years as Dempseys sparring partner before moving into the shady, but well paid job as enforcer for a group of alcohol smugglers running into Kingsport.

He is a large, intimidating man who has kept his strength, stamina and tactical mind. He knows a good many boxing and underworld related people around Arkham, although he is now out of favour with his Boston and New York contacts. He is barely literate, scrappy when not occupied, would rather talk his way out of a situation with his fists and easily flustered in social situations.


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