So. As I can’t get too much in the way of real life gaming, here’s an attempt to let technology do the heavy lifting.

The plan is to run a normal RPG via this online journal. That means you can have your characters as usual and post your actions here. I will give out the scene just the same as I would around the table. I can post cool handouts in the gallery here and it will be a resource for the whole group. The only thing we can’t do is roll dice, so, I’ve picked a game where the dice don’t have a big impact. 
Call of Cthulhu.
Specifically, we will be playing through an all time classic campaign, ‘Masks of Nyarlathotep’.  It’s set in the roaring 20s, so there’s lots of room for characters of all types, go wild.

Your mission is to come up with a character! You just need to write up your description, and also tell me:

3 things you excel at
1 thing you are lousy at

That’s it. We’ll extrapolate from there.

I’m not foolish enough to set limits or expectations on this, I’ll post when I can and we’ll let the game take it’s own pace.
Let me know what you think, and start sending in those character ideas.


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